Saturday, September 22, 2012

Science is a blast!

I absolutely love science and experiments! I love watching my students get so excited about the activities we do in science.

In our district, we have three units that we must teach in kindergarten: The Five Senses, Properties, and Waterplay. Although I enjoy these units, I decided to supplement my curriculum with some additional science lessons and a journal this year. I am using the amazing science experiments created by Deanna Jump. If you have not used these, I really encourage you to check them out. Each lesson is connected to a book and the sheets are really fantastic!

We started our science journals this week. The first activity from Deanna Jump's unit is using a Mentos candy and a two-liter bottle of soda. It makes a cool reaction and the children get so excited! Look:

This is me! I am discussing the sound a soda bottle makes when you open it.

This is what happens in the experiment. My students squealed with delight!

We paste the activity sheets from her unit into a science journal. I also made a new science station and plan on focusing on a science vocabulary term every week. To go along with this experiment, we focused on the word: reaction. I made a sheet to post in the station. Click below and you can have one, too!

In about two weeks, I will begin my star of the week (super hero of the week). This student will also be my scientist of the week and will be my assistant for the weekly experiment. I was able to find a lab coat and goggles for the student to wear. Have a great weekend!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teddy Bear Week - Freebie

It's teddy bear week in kindergarten! I love this theme. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear for our weekly big book/shared reading, use bear counters for tons of math activities, make porridge like the three bears, and we end the week with a teddy bear picnic. The children are invited to bring teddy bears to school on Friday. Here is my letter and the very basic template I use to make teddy bear headbands to wear to the picnic. Enjoy!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome Autumn! Emergent Reader

Hi everyone! It's almost Autumn!!! Time to get out the fleece jackets, make some homemade applesauce and watch football!!!

I just made my latest emergent reader and posted it onto Teachers Pay Teachers. It focuses on the season of Autumn and the sight words: a, I, & see. The clip art is from My Cute Graphics.

The first three people to leave me a comment about their favorite thing to see in Autumn will get it for free! Just remember to leave me your email address in the comment and I will email it as soon as possible.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Morning Message - Let's Chat!

Hi everyone! Well, I survived my first three days with my new kiddos.  I have 24 and they are so sweet!! We mainly focused on the rules and routines. We also learned all of our names and made some fun projects to begin our year together.

Every morning, we complete a morning message during our morning meeting. I now call it Chit Chat after reading about Deanna Jump's messages (she just posted a chit chat pack on TPT, too).

I write the message on chart paper, but I also make a paper copy for all of my students. Yes, I do have to make 24 copies every morning. I try to be conservative about paper in other subject areas.

When we circle things or fill in blanks on the large letter, they follow along on their individual letters (they all have clip boards). Then, they can bring a letter home every day to read to their families.

The letter is fairly basic in the beginning of the year so they get used to the routine. I also do not leave anything blank in the beginning because I want them to be able to learn the new words and predictable text.  At this point, we usually circle letters/sounds and look for our new sight words. I try to include ordinal numbers (4th day) and I leave them with a compliment at the end (we are reading the bucket fillers book).

As the year progresses, I add some math to the bottom, leave sight words blank, and ask questions.
Here is the copy of tomorrow's letter:

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