Friday, June 29, 2012

Cool dollar store finds!

Happy Friday! I just visited my local Dollar Tree yesterday (actually to purchase water balloons, don't tell). I always visit the teacher aisle and they had a new shipment of tons of teacher and classroom supplies! They even have new certificates. I purchased the ones for tying shoes and ABC's. I will most likely go back for the shapes and colors. They also had great monkey bulletin board accents. Have a great weekend!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Kindergarten Scavenger Hunt

Hi everyone! Before the first day of school, my students have the opportunity to visit the classroom, meet me, and drop of their supplies. I typically have them complete a fun scavenger hunt. It helps them get to know the room and it helps me organize my supplies!

I would love to hear some of your ideas if you also host an orientation or meet and greet!

Here is the sheet I use to guide the children and parents around the room. I hope it links correctly for you. I am using my new mac and I am still getting used to it!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm still here!

Hi everyone! I am still here! The end of my school year was really busy. Then, about a few weeks ago I started feeling really tired. I thought it was just due to the crazy time of year but then I noticed something that looked like a bulls eye on my leg. Can anyone guess what happened next?? Yes, I got the lovely diagnosis of Lyme Disease. Now that I am on medication I am feeling better and ready to share some great things for the next school year.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation! Check back soon! Pin It Now!