Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Musubi Man!

We are in the middle of a wonderful unit about the Gingerbread Man. One of my favorite versions is The Musubi Man, Hawaii's Gingerbread Man. It is a fantastic story to use when comparing and contrasting the different versions of this classic tale.

We make a project about the Musubi Man. We use construction paper to make his outline, give him a Hawaiian shirt, pipe cleaners for his crazy hair, a surf board, and glue rice onto his body (Musubi Man is made from rice). I will try to take a picture of a completed project and post it later. Then, we discuss the characters, setting, and how the ending compares to the other stories (he surfs away). We complete a graphic organizer, too.

Here is a copy of the sheet we use to chart some of the story elements. Enjoy!

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